Panti Park Caving, Riding & Saktaj Waterfalls

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Visit Elijio Panti National Park (known to the local Maya as Noj Kaax Panti National Park) for a lengthy hike or horseback ride to reach an extraordinary sacred Maya Ceremonial Cave.

Named after Eligio Panti, the famed Guatemala-born herbal healer who died in 1996 at the age of 106, the Park spans about 13,000 acres and offers a seemingly endless array of jungle beauty for the hiker or rider. For the physically-fit, non-claustrophobic adventurer who seeks a challenging but worthwhile experience, a guided exploration of this Cave is unforgettable. 

Degree of Difficulty: Advanced.

If time and energy permits, extend your experience to visit Saktaj Waterfalls, a beautiful waterfall with multiple pools. On return to the Visitors Center, there is yet another recently open cave with numerous Maya artifacts.

US $135/pp (based on 2 person minimum)

NOTE: This cave is NOT recommended for guests who suffer from claustrophobia.


Departure: Flexible
Duration: Full day
Distance: Tour starts and ends in San Antonio Village, about 3 miles from Mariposa Jungle Lodge
Fitness: Moderate to good for all, but excellent for the Ceremonial Cave
Lunch: Packed lunch
Admissions: N/A
Dress: Short or long pants, sturdy footwear, swimwear for waterfall visit, and full body coverage protection recommended for caving.

What To Bring

Head covering, sunscreen, insect repellent, camera, raingear if needed and protective headgear. We provide water and beach towels.